Alchemy provides a range of services, which ensure the best outcome for each specific project, site and client. Those services include:

  • Pre-purchase advice;
  • Design reports;
  • Brief establishment;
  • Site specific architectural solutions;
  • Interior decoration and styling;
  • Schematic design and presentation;
  • Model building and 3D CAD render presentations;
  • Development Applications (DA);
  • Complying Development Applications/Certificate (CDC);
  • Construction Certificate preparation;
  • Construction Documentation;
  • Tender and Tender Negotiation services;
  • Contract Documentation;
  • Contract Administration.

We work with people who value and trust our experience and expertise, because our ultimate goal is the best outcome for all involved. This encourages relationships that are built on mutual respect, which is reflected in our fee structures.

Our initial consultation and Fee Proposal are provided free of charge. Our fees are calculated on a project by project basis. We have current clients who are working on a fixed price fee, a percentage fee and also on hourly rates. We are flexible as to each individual project’s fee requirements.