Our Process

Our comprehensive and trusted process has been developed over decades of experience and involves four distinct phases, reflecting our holistic approach to architecture and the built environment. We encourage all clients to consider adopting the full process because we’ve designed it specifically to guide everyone through the project—and to help ensure the best outcome.

To start, all projects begin with a site inspection where we all discuss the overall requirements and outline any initial challenges or idiosyncrasies. Following this, we provide a Fee Proposal specific to the project requirements. The initial site inspection and Fee Proposal are provided free of charge. Once approved, we progress into the four phases, which have been briefly outlined below:

Phase 1: Pre-Design Services
This stage involves identifying your requirements, including gathering appropriate information to inform design solutions that respond specifically to your objectives and to the relevant local authority requirements.

Phase 2: Detailed Design / Development Application
This stage involves developing the design to the required level for submission to the relevant local authorities for planning consent/permit.

Phase 3: Documentation
This stage involves preparing drawings and specifications required for tenders/bids, including Construction Certificate Application and Contract Documentation.

Phase 4: Construction Administration
This stage involves a range of contract and administration procedures to identify and evaluate potential contractors and/or specialists for the construction of the project. This phase also includes Contract Administration and Post Construction services.