About us

Formerly called Joshua Mulders Architects, Alchemy Architecture is a boutique firm based in Sydney.

We believe architecture is about you—the client. It’s not about us. That’s why we start every project by listening and observing. This is vital to our process and critical to a successful outcome. We understand that every property is important to each specific client, whether it’s part of an individual’s personal identity, a long-term investment, a family dream home, a commercial premises, or a developers project within a wider property portfolio. Regardless of the project, understanding the context of each property ensures we’re in the best position to provide bespoke solutions for every scenario.

We also understand every site involves some level of difficulty. But we embrace challenging projects, since this is where we use our full set of skills and experience to problem-solve and deliver beyond expectations. So much so, we have a track record of turning challenges into opportunities and hurdles into unexpected architectural features, which ultimately helps increase the value of a property or development.

Of course, we recognise Alchemy isn’t for everyone. The work we do requires belief, trust and courage from both sides. But the clients we attract benefit greatly from our process and the relationships we foster, where we continually support and encourage one another to go that extra bit further. Our body of work—developed over 20+ years—is built on a consistent tried-and-tested process, underpinned by patented IP, and driven by the highest level of contemporary architectural aesthetics, all in the pursuit of practical solutions to fit your needs, desires and lifestyle.

Our team consists of a diverse group of experienced, like-minded individuals, all of whom are guided and mentored by our nationally recognised director, Joshua Mulders. Mutual respect is central to our culture, as is an understanding that collaboration is just as important within our team as it is when working with our clients.

Our values

  • To be attentive, to listen and to observe;
  • To respect honesty and transparency;
  • To encourage and foster trusted relationships;
  • To work collaboratively—and as a team;
  • To provide a personalized service;
  • To design with respect for the environment;
  • To provide experienced, professional and accurate services;
  • To pursue innovative solutions;
  • To adopt our tried-and-tested process;
  • To embrace holistic design;
  • To maximise the value of architecture;
  • To work with courageous, like-minded people;
  • To deliver beyond expectations.