Void House

Lilyfield, Sydney

This property faced a range of challenges, including heritage conservation, view sharing, overshadowing and maximising the potential of a tight block. However, creating a light-filled space within the house was probably our biggest challenge. The solution came in the form of an angled, large open interior void space, which not only solved the challenge of maximising natural light, it also became a celebrated focal point for the house. The success of this project was a combination of an open-minded client, reassured by our process, who also shared a respect for design and architectural integrity, all of which ensured an incredibly positive result—a beautiful, yet practical, family home.


  • Resolve overshadowing concerns;
  • Maximise usable space;
  • Maximise natural light;
  • Provide a contemporary design solution;
  • Design a bespoke solution to suit a family lifestyle;
  • Site and construction management;
  • Navigate Council regulations and compliance.

Project completed by Enter Building Group.

Photography by Simon Wood.