The Blinker House

Hunters Hill, Sydney

Located in a heritage conservation area, the primary challenge for this site was its close proximity to the neighbouring property, which created a privacy issue from both sides. It’s a problem many properties face in densely built suburbs. However, our client’s faith in the design process allowed our team to transform the property into a contemporary home, where we merged old elements with modern aesthetics into a seamless and practical redesign. The result turned a privacy concern into a bespoke architectural feature, positively transforming the look, the feel and the functionality of the house in a way none of us could have expected at the start of the project.


  • Maximise existing space;
  • Respect a heritage conservation area;
  • Overcome neighbouring privacy issues;
  • Repurpose existing materials;
  • Transform a tight block into an open plan home;
  • Provide a contemporary design solution;
  • Design a bespoke solution to suit a specific lifestyle;
  • Site and construction management;
  • Navigate Council regulations.

Project completed by Enter Building Group.

Photography by Luc Remond.