Link House

Birchgrove, Sydney

This property was an existing architecturally designed dual-occupancy residence, but it required considered modification to facilitate a better connection between the key living area and a secondary living space at the rear of the house. Our solution included a glass link around an internal courtyard, where the glazing has been customised to retract, opening up the central courtyard area when needed or desired. This solution ensures both living areas are now connected, but without impacting the available light and space between the two structures. This also prompted a redesign of the kitchen area so it would integrate with the courtyard. Other areas of the house were also revised and refreshed, including all the bathrooms, the en-suite, and the subterranean theatre space. Since our clients were very much design-minded, working in collaboration with them achieved an outcome which leveraged simplicity and ingenuity to transform their home.


  • Connect two separate living areas;
  • Maximise usable space;
  • Maximise natural light;
  • Provide a contemporary design solution;
  • Attention-to-detail on interiors and finishes;
  • Design a bespoke solution to suit a lifestyle;
  • Site and construction management;
  • Navigate Council regulations and compliance.

Project completed by Enter Building Group.

Photography by Simon Wood.