Light House

Rose Bay, Sydney

This alterations and additions project is located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney within a heritage conservation area with the typical challenges of contextual fit, bulk and scale, and assimilation to streetscape. The building itself is an existing dual occupancy configured dwelling with the orientation east to west. This less-than-ideal orientation resulted in an existing situation which limited natural light to the main living areas of the ground floor. Our client’s desire was to explore solutions that encouraged natural light deep into these living areas and thus the challenge of the ‘Light House’ was created. The interior space was carefully considered, shaped and formed to amplify light and the spatial connection between the different functional zones of the residence. The result transformed the interior into a series of light filled interconnected spaces with a contrasting dark façade which expresses a collection of architectural forms arranged to create balance, function and longevity. In collaboration with our client, we designed a carport with minimal support posts to allow free function around the vehicle. A cantilevered carport structure was created which complemented the existing building in form and detail, satisfying their brief and creating a successful outcome.


  • Maximise natural light;
  • Work with existing confines of dual occupancy configuration;
  • Navigate orientation challenges;
  • Interrelationship of indoor and outdoor space via compact outdoor entertainment area;
  • Focus on craftsmanship quality and high end finish;
  • Landscaping design;
  • Site and construction management;
  • Navigate Council’s heritage conservation requirements.

Project completed by Enter Building Group.

Photography by Luc Remond.