Inside Outside House

Lilyfield, Sydney

Our client had a clear personal objective from the start and was looking for an experienced architecture practice to deliver on their vision—to design a home where they can create long lasting memories with family and friends. It’s a common aspiration, but one we take very seriously because we recognise its importance to each individual. That said, the site itself posed some difficult challenges, including a need to integrate a distinct separation between the old and new parts of the house, while also maximizing natural light and ensuring the house didn’t block light to the neighbouring property. However, our client’s belief in the process allowed our team to transform the site’s challenges into a contemporary, yet practical, solution to suit the family’s lifestyle, setting them on a path to fulfill their initial aspiration—a family home designed to create memories.


  • Integrate the existing house with a new extension;
  • Maximise natural light;
  • Solve blocked natural light onto a neighbouring property;
  • Repurpose existing materials;
  • Transform a tight block into an open plan home;
  • Provide a contemporary design solution;
  • Design a bespoke solution to suit a family lifestyle;
  • Site and construction management;
  • Navigate Council regulations.

Project completed by Enter Building Group.

Photography by Katherine Lu.