Flip House

Chatswood, Sydney

The challenges for this site included the need to integrate the existing European Brick Tudour style façade at the front of the property with a new modern extension at the back, but in a seamless way. The new design also needed to accommodate all seasons, and various levels of natural light, to ensure year-round use of the rear entertainment space. Although a difficult brief, our client’s clarity, courage and trust allowed us to transform a tricky brief into a practical, holistic and creative solution. The result included a large overhang angled roof structure, which flips up to capitalise on natural light. This, along with an oversized exterior retractable blind system, assisted in creating the perfect all season multi-use space—one that can be fully controlled to obtain the perfect balance of comfort in every weather condition.


  • Seamlessly integrate old and new aspects of the house;
  • Maximise usable space;
  • Maximise natural light;
  • Develop an all-year round outdoor entertainment solution;
  • Provide a contemporary design solution;
  • Design a bespoke solution to suit a family lifestyle;
  • Site and construction management;
  • Navigate Council regulations and compliance.

Project completed by Enter Building Group.

Photography by Luc Remond.